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The Blog for Aspiring Lawyers

A blog dedicated to sharing important insights for lawyers, entrepreneurs, and students.

Giovani Mesa on Inspirery

Giovani shares his story of how he began his career in law and how he has found success working in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area.

Giovani Mesa on IdeaMensch

Giovani discusses the daily life of a business attorney, including his tips for staying productive and bringing ideas to life.

How to Become a Lawyer in the United States

As of 2018, there are approximately 1.34 million lawyers in the U.S. Looking to join them?

5 Tips for Law School Graduates

As a successful attorney, Giovani knows how stressful life after graduation can be. Here are his 5 tips for hitting the ground running.


The Best Books for Aspiring Lawyers

Looking to prepare yourself for a career in law? Giovani shares 5 books that will help you succeed.

The Importance of a Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate is one of the most important, long-term investments adults make. Which is why it is so important to do it right, with a real estate lawyer.

Time Management Tips for Lawyers

If you want to succeed as a lawyer, you must master time management skills. Here Giovani shares a few of his favorite tips.

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